Liberty Executed is a sculptural act accentuating the degradation of democracy and human liberty in the United States of America early 21st century. 


The woven work unites powerful imagery of the American flag with a Hangman’s noose. The noose signifies a concurring history of bigotry and a society committing national suicide through the destruction of its core values and ideals. The barbed manila rope grips the flag in thirteen turns representing the continued struggles and suffering of Americans as they combat increasing dominance by plutocratic political groups. The upside down American flag represents a nation in distress during a moment of polarization and upheaval.


The overall bouquet composition symbolizes the once beautiful national vision of “Liberty for All” with the hope of a better future.


 84” x 30” x "9” 

Single Continuious Manila Rope, United States of American Flag





In "Guardians of Democracy," Martin Linder explores the complex interplay between historical narrative and contemporary socio-political concerns. This oil on canvas painting, measuring 24 inches by 30 inches, serves as a visual dialogue between Caravaggio's iconic "Deposition of 1604" and Martin Linder's “Sacrificial Flag”  2023 sculpture.


By intertwining the conceptual threads of these two influential works, Martin aims to provoke reflection on the current state of democracy. In a world marked by widening wealth disparities, rampant politicization, and the unsettling embrace of falsehoods, the guardians of democracy find themselves besieged by threats both overt and insidious.


This painting is part of a larger series of works, each intended to serve as a wake-up call, disrupting complacency and inspiring action. Through symbolism and allegory, Martin seeks to alert the citizenry to the ongoing erosion of democratic principles and the urgent need for vigilance and engagement.


As an artist, Martin believes in the transformative power of art to spark dialogue, challenge assumptions, and galvanize change. "Guardians of Democracy" invites viewers to confront uncomfortable truths, to question the status quo, and to reclaim their role as active participants in the preservation of democracy.


In this turbulent era, may this painting serve as a beacon of hope, reminding us of our collective responsibility to safeguard the principles that underpin our society. 


24" x 30"

Oil on Canvas




Thief of Liberty is a woven sculpture symbolizing the theft and destruction of the United States of America’s democratic values by the world’s super elites.


36" x 12"

Red Neck Tie and United States Currency 




26.5" x 22.5"

Oil on Canvas


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